My 3rd Unreal Engine Book

I know that I’ve been a lot far away from this blog, due to the pressure at work and the personal little small company. But there were tons going around in favor of this blog. I’ll try to post all of them one by one. Wont speak too much, Here is the details for the new book:


Unreal Engine 4 has garnered a lot of attention in the gaming world because of its new and improved graphics and rendering engine, the physics simulator, particle generator, and more. This book is the ideal guide to help you leverage all these features to create state-of-the-art games.

We will explain advanced shaders and effects techniques and how you can implement them in your games. You’ll create custom lighting effects, use the physics simulator to add that extra edge to your games, and create customized game environments that look visually stunning using the rendering technique. You’ll find out how to use the new rendering engine efficiently, add amazing post-processing effects, and use data tables to create data-driven gameplay that is engaging and exciting.

By the end of this book, you will be able to create professional games with stunning graphics using Unreal Engine 4.

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